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    CIA Review Courses – Top 5 Comparison

    Choosing the right CIA review course is the single most important decision you will make on your journey towards becoming a Certified Internal Auditor. You will be spending hundreds of hours studying with it, so it’s crucial to find the one that best fits your learning style […]

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  • Gleim CIA Review

    Gleim CIA Review

    RATING:  Gleim CIA Review is an extensive self-study course. One of the biggest advantages of Gleim’s course is that they assign you a personal counselor to help you through the entire CIA exam process. Right from the start a counselor will help you create a study […]

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  • Fast Forward Academy CIA Review Course

    Fast Forward Academy CIA Review

    RATING:  Fast Forward Academy CIA Review uses cutting edge technology to help students learn more in less time. Their software is the backbone behind their Learn Fast and Pass motto and I must say that their latest course update is really impressive.  Fast Forward Academy […]

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  • CIA Exam Course Discounts

    CIA Review Course Discounts

    Fast Forward Academy CIA Discount Codes COUPON CODE: CRUSH Get 10% OFF all Fast Forward Academy CIA Review study materials! This discount can be used for an individual course or their full 3-part course. Click the link below and enter the coupon code “CRUSH” to claim your discount!   Gleim […]

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  • ExamMatrix CIA Review course

    ExamMatrix CIA Review

    RATING:  ExamMatrix has over 20 years of experience and is an industry leader in product development and innovative technology. The ExamMatrix CIA Review course has helped thousands of people successfully reach their goals over the years. Software ExamMatrix CIA Review software has an easy to use […]

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  • CIA CPE Requirements

    CIA CPE Requirements – Continuing Education

    You’ve worked hard to become a Certified Internal Auditor, but don’t put your study books away just yet. To maintain your CIA designation, you are required to fulfill certain CIA CPE requirements (Continuing Professional Education). Why Do You Need CIA CPE? There are two reasons why […]

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  • Hock CIA Review

    Hock CIA Review

    RATING: There are several CIA review courses on the market to choose from. Some offer high quality study material, exam tips and study tricks, while others fall a little short. This is the latter. Hock CIA Review is the cheapest priced review program on the market […]

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  • How To Become A CIA

    How To Become A CIA

    Most people who think of the term CIA, immediately visualize stealth, wealthy and over worked government agents. My version of the CIA is a little less exciting, but just as essential among the accounting community. What is a CIA? CIA stands for Certified Internal Auditor. […]

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  • wiley ciaexcel cia review

    Wiley CIA Review

    RATING: Wiley has been around for over 40 years and creates high quality review courses for several different accounting exams. Their Wiley CIA review course includes a variety of different resources to help you study and pass the CIA exam. Here are 4 effective study […]

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  • Lambers CIA Review

    Lambers CIA Review

    RATING: Lambers has been around since 1966. They offer review courses for a variety of financial based professional tests, but here I will be focusing on the Lambers CIA review. Lambers is known for creating review courses that use case examples and illustrative problems to […]

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  • CIA exam

    How To Prepare For the Certified Internal Auditor Exam

    You’ve nailed down that degree, clocked in some serious work experience, worked your butt off for that good reference letter, and are now ready to tackle the CIA exam. This is your final step in becoming certified as a Certified Internal Auditor and starting your […]

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  • CIA certification requirements

    CIA Certification Requirements

    The CIA (Certified Internal Auditor) designation is the only globally accepted designation for internal auditors. Anyone can study and become a CIA but there are several prerequisites you must fulfill. If you are considering becoming a CIA, you need to make sure you are eligible […]

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  • CIA vs CPA

    CIA vs CPA

    Accounting certifications come in several different forms. Distinguishing the differences between them is key when you’re trying to decide which is right for you. With so many abbreviations things can get confusing. I’m going to break it down and make things real simple for you. […]

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  • Certified Internal Auditor Salary

    Certified Internal Auditor Salary

    Does it feel like your accounting career is at a stand still? Perhaps you’ve worked in the same mid-level position for years and can’t seem to leverage yourself into getting that much deserved raise. What you need might be a simple boost in your credentials. […]

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