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Gleim CIA Review is one of the most popular CIA review courses on the market. Students have praised this extensive self-study course, which comes with an assigned personal counselor to help you through the entire CIA exam process.
The comprehensive study materials, an option to buy materials separately or as a package, performance tracking, and money back guarantee, all make this course a very attractive option.


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gleim cia counseling1. Personal Counselors & Accessibility

You won’t need to pay for a tutor because your very own counselor is built into the course. Right from the start, your counselor will help you create a study plan based on your schedule, current situation, and background. Whether you have questions about the CIA exam process or the study materials, you can turn to your counselor or the expert accounting staff at Gleim. Contact them by phone, email, or consult the Q&A message board for answers to commonly asked questions.

2. Large Question Bank 

Gleim’s review course includes over 3,500 multiple-choice questions. Students can use the large test bank to create custom practice tests. Practice questions on tests can be filtered by number and type, and you can choose to exclude questions you have worked on previously. This helps avoid spending time on the same questions you’ve already answered in favor of focusing on those you haven’t seen or need to practice. Detailed explanations for both correct and incorrect answers are also included.

gleim cia3. Adaptive Technology and Performance Analysis

Gleim’s SmartAdapt™ system identifies your weak areas and creates a personalized learning path so you don’t spend more time than you need to prepare for your CIA exam. You can study at your own pace while the system tracks your progress and tells you where you need to focus (and where you don’t). It also tells you when you’re ready to take the exam, so you can pass with confidence.

4. Available in Spanish

Students planning to take the exam in Spanish will be happy to know that Gleim offers a review course in Spanish as well. The Spanish course allows you to see the practice questions in both English and Spanish. There is no need to translate the practice questions into Spanish in your head or struggle with a language barrier, as everything has been translated for you already!

5. Choose Study or Exam Mode

In Study Session mode, you can choose how many questions to include in your study session. This is useful if you don’t have much time to study because you can fit in a quick session on your lunch break or before work. In study mode, your answers will be graded immediately, and you’ll get an explanation of why your answer was correct or incorrect.

When you start to feel more confident about a section, you can switch over to the Practice Exam mode, where you will not see the correct answers until you have completed all of the questions

6. Mock Exams and Final Review

The Gleim Mock Exam offers students the chance to prepare with a mock exam that. simulates the actual CIA exam environment. You’ll be able to practice your time-management skills while testing yourself on the content of the exam. The Mock Exams are part of the adaptive platform, so you’ll know exactly where to focus during your final review.

7. Access Until You Pass® Guarantee rather than Continued Access Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the Gleim CIA Review course you can return it for a full refund (less shipping costs). Or you can take advantage of their Replacement Guarantee or the Continued Access Guarantee. It is obvious that Gleim is investing in satisfied customers who will pass the CIA exam on their first attempt. For more details and eligibility requirements for the various guarantees, please click here.

8. Discounts

Gleim currently offers Crush readers a 10% discount on study materials. Be sure to take advantage of this discount if you go with Gleim. Gleim also offers financing options for those who need it.

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9. Video Lectures

The Gleim Instruct video lectures feature professional educators providing in-depth instruction. The lectures are broken down into bite-sized videos that guide candidates through comprehensive examples, past CIA exam questions, and the topics from the IIA’s Exam Syllabus.


1. Fewer Discounts

The Gleim Premium CIA full 3-part system costs $949, but purchasing the 3 parts separately costs $1,057, so they save $108 by purchasing the whole package. For Traditional, the package is $799, purchasing the 3 parts separately is $877, so they save $78. So, although they do give discounts, they’re not as deep as what some other providers offer. 

Ideal User

The Gleim CIA audio lectures are great for people who are constantly on the go. Each clip covers a different topic in that study unit. The audio is compatible with most portable music devices and smartphones, allowing candidates to study while at the gym, during their daily commute to work, and during other less traditional study times. For more information about Gleim’s audio review course, click here.

The program’s flexibility allows students to buy study materials for just one part of the exam at a time, or they can purchase the entire course for slight savings. Self-motivated learners will do best with this program – even though you are assigned a personal counselor to answer questions and help you design a study plan, this is not a traditional assignment with live lectures, deadlines or peer interaction.

My Suggestion

Gleim is the most comprehensive CIA online review course on the market and is a great fit for anyone who is serious about passing all 3 parts of the exam on the first try. The personal counselors assigned to each student are one of the biggest strengths of Gleim’s program. Students who have taken Gleim’s courses recommend the practice questions and report that the material prepared them well for the actual exam.

The fact that their course is backed by a Money Back Guarantee, a Replacement Guarantee, and an Access Until You Pass® Guarantee demonstrate Gleim’s commitment to their products and their desire for their clients to succeed on the CIA exam. Download Gleim’s FREE Demo and check it out for yourself!


Summary of Course Features

  • Interactive Review Sections for Parts 1, 2, and 3 of the CIA exam
  • Large Test Question Bank (3,500+ questions)
  • Unlimited Practice Exams
  • Interactive Study Planner
  • Accounting Experts and Personal Counselors
  • Digital and Printed Books
  • Audio and Video Lectures
  • Two Mock Exams with Final Review


Gleim Premium CIA Review System Package (Includes Parts 1, 2 and 3)

Price: $1,249
Includes: SmartAdapt™️ Adaptive Course, Access Until You Pass® Guarantee, unlimited practice exams, exam-emulating test bank and quizzes, interactive study planner, digital and printed books, digital flashcards, audio and video lectures, Mock Exams, and access to Personal Counselors and Accounting Experts.

o    Part 1: $449
o    Part 2: $449
o    Part 3: $499

Gleim Traditional CIA Review System Package (Includes Parts 1, 2, and 3)

Price: $1,099
Includes:  SmartAdapt™️ Adaptive Course, unlimited practice exams, exam-emulating test bank and quizzes, interactive study planner, digital and printed books, video lectures, Mock Exams, and access to Personal Counselors.

o    Part 1: $389
o    Part 2: $389
o    Part 3: $439

Gleim CIA Test Bank and Book (Includes Parts 1, 2, and 3)

Total Price: $499

Includes:  18-month access to one of the most widely used question banks on the market, unlimited practice exams, and digital or printed books.

o    Part 1: $159
o    Part 2: $159
o    Part 3: $189


Gleim CIA Review Course Info

Gleim CIA Review
1. Personal Counselors & Accessibility
2. Large Question Bank
3. 10% Off Discount Code
4. Available in Spanish
5. Pass Guarantees

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Get $125 Off Gleim CIA Premium Course

uses today
Expires in 3 days

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