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הוק הבינלאומי CIA סקירה מציעה מספר אפשרויות כמובן לסטודנטים המתכוננים לבחינת CIA. ספרי הלימוד שלהם לכסות את היסודות בשפה פשוטה, מה שהופך כמובן טוב זה למי שצריך סקירה יסודית מהיסוד.

ניתן לרכוש רק את ספרי הלימוד, שאלות מחקר, או קטעי וידאו, or combine them into a package deal, depending on your needs. This course is not really a budget option because you can get a lot more material for only slightly more money if you decide to go with one of HOCK’s competitors instead.


1. Free Samples of Study Materials and Quizzes

HOCK CIA Review offers free downloadable samples of the textbooks, flash cards, the ExamSuccess multiple-choice questions, and videos so you can check out the course before you purchase it. Explore the course without registering for or creating an account to see if it meets your needs and matches your learning style.

Students can also take the free CIA quizzes and have the opportunity to compete with other students studying for the CIA exam to try and get their name onto one of HOCK’s leaderboards. Note that the quizzes are free, but you do have to register for a free account to participate, and that this new feature is still being tested (beta version).

2. ExamSuccess Software/CIA Question Bank

HOCK’s ExamSuccess Study Software is included in the CIA Questions portion of the course. The software includes thousands of multiple choice questions and explanations for both correct and incorrect answers. Questions are timed during study sessions and can be organized by topic, so you can focus your study on one subject at a time. Detailed performance analysis displays your level of competency based on each section of material.

The question bank can be accessed online or downloaded for use without an internet connection. Note that the included Mock Exam contains new questions that are not used elsewhere in the study materials, so you can gauge your preparedness for the actual exam on a fresh set of questions.

3. International Course Options

Hock offers several live courses and provides its study materials to other groups in a number of locations around the world. International students or expats studying for the CIA exam abroad can sign up for a live HOCK course in Belorussia, Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan, and many other locations have review courses that incorporate HOCK study materials. Materials are also available in Russian and Arabic. Please see the HOCK website for details.

4. Interactive Electronic Flashcards

The interactive flashcards were developed to help you learn the information as efficiently as possible. New cards are introduced gradually and flashcards appear based on an analysis of your mastery of particular concepts and information. Old and new cards appear at regular intervals to help you learn the information quickly and effectively.

5. Free Updates and Course Does Not Expire

One advantage of HOCK’s review courses is that materials can be used as long as students need them to study for and pass the exams, and there is no additional charge for updates to study materials. HOCK’s courseware is compatible with Windows and Macintosh computers, and can be accessed from computers, tablets or smartphones.


1. Smaller Question Bank

HOCK’s question bank includes more than 2,800 שאלות, which is a respectable number, but not quite as many questions as its main competitors. Some questions also seem very similar to others or redundant, making the question bank seem even smaller. סטודנטים שמחפשים מגוון רחב יותר וכן מספר גדול יותר של תרגול שאלות שכדאי לשקול להוסיף שאלות ממקורות אחרים לביקורת שלהם.

2. אין החזר כספי מובטח

אם אינך ביצועים טובים על בחינת CIA או להחליט כי קורס הסקירה לא עוזר לך ללמוד, אתה לא תוכל לקבל החזר עבור הקורס. מדיניות זו מתקזזת במקצת על ההזדמנות שניתנה לנו תצוגה מקדימה דוגמיות חינם של חומרי לימוד של הוק לפני שאתה רוכש את הקורס, although you should be aware that this is not a free trial of the actual course, but merely a glimpse at what the materials are like.

HOCK does have a pass guarantee if you buy their Complete Package. If you don’t pass the CIA exam, they will pay your exam fee to re-take the exam if you meet their requirements (but still no refund). Please consult HOCK’s website for details and requirements.

משתמש אידיאלי

HOCK’s study materials are somewhat cheaper than other CIA prep options, and their international availability and free world-wide shipping will appeal to a large number of students living abroad. Students whose first language is Russian or Arabic will benefit from the course materials that are available in these languages.

Students who want the flexibility of buying only one part of the course (שאלות, videos, or textbooks) and are committed to studying on their own for however long they need will appreciate HOCK’s free updates and no expiration date.

ההצעה שלי

Although Hock CIA review is an affordable option, there are better programs out there for only slightly more money. The quality of material does not really compare to other courses like Gleim או Fast Forward אקדמיה. Students who need an introductory review of the basics in clear language might benefit from starting with HOCK before moving onto a larger question bank with more practice materials, however I would highly suggest just avoiding this course altogether and purchasing a better one from their competitors.

השווה את קורסי-הכנה CIA BEST!

סיכום של תכונות קורס

  • ספרי לימוד (downloadable PDF files or hard copy)
  • Personalized Study Plan
  • ExamSuccess Software (Multiple-Choice Practice Questions)
  • כרטיסיות
  • Mock Exam
  • Videos or Audio mp3 Files
  • Free world-wide shipping
  • Materials also available in Russian and Arabic


HOCK Complete

Price for all 3 חלקים: $649
1 part only: $249 כל
כולל: ספרי לימוד, ExamSuccess Multiple-Choice Practice Questions, כרטיסיות אלקטרוניות, 1 Mock Exam, Videos, and free shipping worldwide.

HOCK Books and Questions

Price for all 3 חלקים: $399
1 part only: $149 כל
כולל: PDF files of books (additional charge for hard copies), Multiple-Choice Practice Questions, כרטיסיות, and Mock Exam.

HOCK Books Only

Price for all 3 חלקים: $249
1 part only: $99
כולל: PDF files of books (additional charge for hard copies).

HOCK Videos

Price for all 3 חלקים: $199
1 part only: $99
כולל: 13 hours of videos for Part 1 ו 11 hours for Part 2 that are similar to a live course; these are also available as audio mp3 files. Videos for Part 3 are due to be released in fall 2015. Videos can be watched on computers, tablets and smartphones.

HOCK Questions Only

Price for all 3 חלקים: $249
1 part only: $99

ExamSuccess Multiple-choice questions, Mock Exam, and Electronic Flashcards. As of July 2015, the number of questions included in Part 1 is 699, חלק 2 includes 645 שאלות, and for Part 3 includes 1,547 שאלות.

השווה את קורסי-הכנה CIA BEST!

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