Gleim جهاز جو جائزو

Gleim جهاز جو جائزو

Updated:June 24, 2018
Bryce Welker
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gleim cia materialsڪورس درجه بندي: ★★★★★

Gleim جهاز جو جائزو is one of the most popular CIA review courses on the market. Students have praised this extensive self-study course, which comes with an assigned personal counselor to help you through the entire CIA exam process.
The comprehensive study materials, an option to buy materials separately or as a package, performance tracking, and money back guarantee, all make this course a very attractive option.


gleim cia counseling1. Personal Counselors & Accessibility

You won’t need to pay for a tutor because your very own counselor is built into the course. Right from the start, your counselor will help you create a study plan based on your schedule, current situation and background. Whether you have questions about the CIA exam process or the study materials, you can turn to your counselor or the expert accounting staff at Gleim. Contact them by phone, email, or consult the Q&A message board for answers to commonly asked questions.

2. Large Question Bank

Gleim’s online test software includes over 3,000 multiple choice questions. Students can use the large test bank to create custom practice tests. Practice questions on tests can be filtered by number and type, and you can choose to exclude questions you have worked on previously. This helps avoid spending time on the same questions you’ve already answered in favor of focusing on those you haven’t seen or need to practice. Detailed explanations for both correct and incorrect answers are also included.

gleim cia3. Performance Analysis

Gleim helps you identify and focus on your weak areas so you don’t spend more time than necessary preparing for your next CIA exam. The software comes with detailed analytics that track your performance as you progress through the course. Struggling with a particular section? You can keep retaking the same questions until you master that type. The software tracks your most recent attempt, the average of your last 3 attempts, and your cumulative average. You can also follow your progress in the Performance Graphs section, which shows a snapshot of your performance so far.

4. اسپيني ۾ موجود

Students planning to take the exam in Spanish will be happy to know that Gleim offers its study materials in Spanish as well. There is no need to translate the practice questions into Spanish in your head or struggle with a language barrier, as everything has been translated for you already! You will be able to see the practice questions in both English and Spanish.

5. Choose Study or Exam Mode

In the Study Session mode, you can choose how many questions to include on your practice exam. This is useful if you don’t have much time to study because you can fit in a quick session on your lunch break or before work. In study mode, your answers will be graded immediately and you’ll get an explanation of why your answer was correct or incorrect.

When you start to feel more confident about a section, you can switch over to the Practice Exam mode, which simulates the actual exam environment. Just as on the real CIA exam, the answers will not be revealed until you have completed all of the questions.

6. فائنل جو امتحان جو جائزو

The Exam Rehearsal mode offers the chance to prepare with a computerized test that is almost identical to the actual CIA exam. It should be taken at least one week before your real exam date, during your final review. It simulates the actual exam environment by including 100 multiple-choice questions that must be answered in 3.5 hours. تون جڏهن ته پاڻ کي سنڌ جي امتحان جي مواد تي جاچ پنهنجي وقت جو بندوبست صلاحيتن کي عملي طور تي وس وارو ٿي ويندس.

7. جي ضمانت نڪري

توهان جي Gleim جهاز جي نظرثاني حقيقت سان مطمئن نه آهي ته توهان کي هڪ مڪمل واپسي لاء ان کي واپس ڪري سگهو ٿا (گهٽ جھاز خرچ). يا تون سندن لڳائڻ جي ضمانت يا جاري رسائي جي ضمانت جو فائدو وٺي سگهن ٿا. اهو پڌرو آهي ته Gleim مطمئن گراهڪن جو سندن پهرين ڪوشش تي جهاز جو امتحان پاس ڪندو ۾ investing آهي. وڌيڪ تفصيل ۽ مختلف ضمانت لاء پاتر ضرورتن لاء, please click here.

8. Discounts

Gleim currently offers Crush readers a 5% discount on all their CIA study materials. Be sure to take advantage of this discount if you go with Gleim!

حاصل ڪريو 5% OFF Gleim CIA Review


1. قيمت / No Savings on Most Packages

Unless you are planning to buy the Gleim Premium CIA Review System with all components ($849), buying the study materials for all three parts of the exam together in a bundle won’t save you much (or anything) compared to buying the separate components of the program. With our additional discount, توهان کي هڪ واڌارو کانسواء ويندس $42 تون سڀڪنھن شيء کي شامل سان پوري پريميئم جهاز جي نظرثاني پروگرام خريد ڪرڻ جي رٿ ته, پر صرف آن لائن جائزو حقيقت ۾ دلچسپي شاگردن کي هڪ وقت ڀلي ائين جي امتحان جو هڪ حصو لاء تياري جا مال خريد ڪري ها ته ڪيئن چڱي ريت ان کي سندن ضرورت جو جتن ڪيو ۽ کين prepares کي ڏسڻ لاء.

موزون استعمال ڪندڙ

The Gleim CIA audio review is great for people who are constantly on-the-go. Each clip is approximately 30-minutes long and covers a different study unit. The audio is compatible with most portable music devices and smart phones, allowing candidates to study while at the gym, during their daily commute to work, and other less traditional study times. For more information about Gleim’s audio review course click here.

The program’s flexibility allows students to buy study materials for just one part of the exam at a time, or they can purchase the entire course for a slight savings. Self-motivated learners will do best with this program – even though you are assigned a personal counselor to answer questions and help you design a study plan, this is not a traditional assignment with live lectures, deadlines or peer interaction.

منهنجي ان تجويز

Gleim is the most comprehensive CIA online review course on the market and is a great fit for anyone who is serious about passing all 3 parts of the exam on the first try. The personal counselors assigned to each student are one of the biggest strengths of Gleim’s program. Students who have taken Gleim’s courses recommend the practice questions and report that the material prepared them well for the actual exam.

The fact that their course is backed by a Money Back Guarantee, a Replacement Guarantee, and an Online Access Guarantee demonstrates Gleim’s commitment to their products and their desire for their clients to succeed on the CIA exam. Download one of Gleim’s FREE Demos and check it out for yourself. This could be the most important decision you make in your journey to crush the CIA exam!



جي ڪورس مضمونن کي خلاصو

  • Interactive Review Sections for Part 1, 2, ۽ 3 ڳولڻ لاء امتحان
  • وڏيون ٽيسٽ سوال بئنڪ (3,000+ سوال)
  • لا علاج علم
  • وچڙ Study Planer
  • ذاتي صلاحڪار
  • جي چوديوار سان ڊجيٽل ڪتاب, مثال, Audiovisual س
  • لاء لاهيو / مدني ٻڌڻ جي نظرثاني س
  • فائنل جو امتحان Rehearsal ™


Gleim پريميئم جهاز جي نظرثاني نظام پيڪيج (سڪندر شامل آهن 1, 2 ۽ 3)
قيمت: $849
شامل: لا گهڻن جيستائين اوھان کي Gleim جي پريميئم آن خود مطالعي جو جائزو حقيقت ڪري ورتيون (2016 ڇاپي), لامحدود عملي طور امتحان, امتحان-emulating امتحان جي ڪناري تي ۽ quizzes, ذاتي صلاحڪار, وچڙ Study منصوبه بندي, جامع چوديوار سان ڊجيٽل ڪتاب, examples and audiovisual lectures. Also includes Gleim CIA Test Prep, Audio Lectures (2017 ڇاپي), and Exam Rehearsal™ and free Gleim bookbag.

  • Price for Part 1 يا 2 only: $299
  • Price for Part 3 only: $339

Gleim Traditional CIA Review Online (سڪندر شامل آهن 1, 2 ۽ 3)
قيمت: $799
شامل: Gleim’s Traditional online self-study review course (2016 ڇاپي) comes with an interactive study planner, Audio Lectures (2017 ڇاپي) عملي طور سوال, Gleim digital books containing comprehensive outlines and examples, and your own personal counselor, all until you pass.

  • Price for Part 1 يا 2 only: $279
  • Price for Part 3 only: $319

Gleim CIA Parts 1,2,3 (Books & Test Prep)

Total Price: $447

شامل: 18-month access to one of the most widely used question banks on the market. CIA Exam questions released by The IIA and books (اختياري).

  • Price for Part 1 – اندروني آڊٽ فاروق سومرو (Book & Test Prep) only: $139
  • Price for Part 2 – Internal Audit Practice (Book & Test Prep) only: $139
  • Price for Part 3 – Internal Audit Knowledge Elements (Book & Test Prep) only: $169


Gleim CIA Review Course Info

Gleim جهاز جو جائزو
1.Personal Counselors & Accessibility
2.Large Question Bank
3.5% Off Discount Code
4.اسپيني ۾ موجود
5.جي ضمانت نڪري



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