Fast Forward Academy CIA Review Course

Fast Forward Academy CIA Review

Fast Forward Academy CIA Review Course

Course Rating: ★★★★★

Fast Forward Academy CIA Review uses technology to help you learn more in less time. Its software is the backbone of its Learn Fast and Pass motto and its most recent course update is alright.

We received full access to its new online platform, which included updated textbooks, more practice questions, and a user-friendly interface.



fast forward cia books1. Extensive Study Question Bank

The Fast Forward Academy CIA review course includes more than 2,750 multiple-choice questions. However, Fast Forward has fewer practice questions when compared to other courses.

Repeated practice of many different multiple-choice questions is definitely one of the best ways to improve your score, and its large question bank means that you won’t see the same recycled questions over and over again.

2. Personalized Learning System

Fast Forward Academy is not a one-size-fits-all type of course but rather caters to each student’s specific learning needs, but doesn’t do so perfectly. As you progress through the course, data from your practice exams is used to pinpoint the areas in which you need the most additional practice. Your textbook then highlights information that is most relevant for you and creates a personalized exam that tests you on those specific topics.

This is a feature other test prep courses use as well and many do so better than FFA. So, be cognizant of this prior to making a purchasing decision.

3. Online Access to Instructors and Peers

By clicking on a button, you can get access to one of Fast Forward Academy’s instructors to help you with any questions. Alternatively, connect with other students who are studying for the CIA exam by accessing the online community to get moral support and help if you get stuck on a problem.

4. Unlimited Access and Free Updates

Fast Forward Academy’s course materials never expire and come with access until you pass the test. Once you purchase a course, it provides you with free real-time updates of all new course material until you pass the exam. However, we would recommend other courses despite this access.


1. Not a Guided Review

Fast Forward Academy is not a guided review courses and does not offer video lectures to help explain the material. If you are a visual learner who prefers to learn by watching video lectures, then this course is probably not the best fit for you.

2. Newcomer with Little Student Feedback

This is one of the newer review courses to arrive on the market, so there are not a lot of customer reviews out. We love to get our readers’ opinions and will incorporate your feedback if you contact us after having tried this course. If you’ve used Fast Forward Academy’s CIA review, please share your experience with everyone in the comments section below!

3. No Mobile App

Although Fast Forward Academy’s learning platform can be accessed from most mobile devices, including iPads, iPhones, and most Android phones, there is no dedicated app to make studying on your phone or tablet more streamlined and convenient. Other courses tend to offer this and it is becoming more important to do so.

Ideal User

Fast Forward Academy’s courses will work best for self-motivated learners who will take advantage of the technological updates this program brings to the table. Like many other courses, the course is designed in  way where the feedback from your practice exams and highlighted information in your “intelligent” textbook will make for a more personalized study experience.

You’ll be able to study more efficiently by tackling those areas that need the most work, and find the information you need more quickly by using the filtering tools and FastFocus review option to see the questions that you should spend your time reviewing.

Traditional learners might do better with the book bundle (includes a printed textbook) but should remember that far fewer online practice questions (290 instead of 2,700+) come with that option. And relative to other courses, Fast Forward does not have a lot of practice questions.

My Suggestion

Fast Forward Academy is new in the CIA Review industry and its courses is still proving itself. Students who would rather study on their own with the most up-to-date technology and won’t shy away from the fast-paced approach to learning will benefit most.

Fast Forward Academy’s affordable course is certainly appealing to some, but we’d recommend you check out another option when making a decision.


Summary of Course Features

  • 2,700+ Practice Questions with Explanations
  • FastBook Online CIA Textbook and/or Paperback Edition of Textbook
  • Course Analytics to Focus Your Studies
  • Unlimited Practice Exams
  • Online Access to Instructors and Peers
  • Unlimited Access and Free Upgrades and Updates Until You Pass


Fast Forward Academy CIA Smart Bundle (Includes Parts 1, 2 and 3)
Price: $469
Includes: Complete course includes paperback edition of the CIA textbook, FastBook (intelligent online textbook), 2,700+practice questions with explanations, and unlimited practice exams with course analytics.

Fast Forward Academy CIA Online Bundle (Includes Parts 1, 2 and 3)
Price: $399
Includes: Complete course includes FastBook (intelligent online textbook), 2,700+practice questions with explanations, and unlimited practice exams with course analytics.

Fast Forward Academy CIA Book Bundle (Includes Parts 1, 2 and 3)
Price: $298
Includes: Paperback edition of the CIA textbook for all three exams, and 290 online study questions with answer explanations.


Fast Forward Academy CIA Breakdown

Fast Forward Academy CIA Review
1. Extensive Study Question Bank
2. Personalized Learning System
3. Innovative Approach to Learning
4. Unlimited Access and Free Updates




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Fast Forward Academy CIA Course
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6 replies
  1. Asel
    Asel says:

    Hi Bryce,

    I have tried CIA PArt2 exam for 2 times but the score is unfortunately is fail. I have been studying with Gleim online but I don’t think it is effective for me because I know every single answer to question. So I want to try something new. What’s your advice?

    • Bryce
      Bryce says:

      Hi Asel,
      Check out Fast Forward Academy, you’ve already read my review about their course so should have a good idea what they can offer 😉


    • Josh
      Josh says:


      It really comes down to your learning style. If you are a visual learner I would go with Gleim because they include video lectures, audio, and personal counseling. If you are very self-motivated and don’t need video lectures or audio then go with FFA and save a few dollars. Good luck!

      -Team Crush The CIA


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