top 6 CIA Review Courses of 2017

Best CIA Review Courses – Compare 2017’s Top 6


top 6 CIA Review Courses of 2017If becoming a Certified Internal Auditor is in your future, the best thing you can do to ensure your success is find a solid CIA Review Course. With the countless CIA course options out there, it’s hard to identify which CIA study materials will best help you in preparing for the exam.

So here’s the good news – I have personally tested every major CIA exam prep course on the market so you don’t have to! The CIA course comparison chart below will help you figure out which course best fits your needs.

Make an informed decision and don’t waste time! Use my comparison chart and individual CIA review breakdowns to significantly cut your study time and pass faster!

Top CIA Review Course Comparisons & Ego

CIA udomo oro
Gleim CIA Review Wiley CIA iia cia learning system review Lambers CIA Review
RANKINGS #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6
COMPANY Gleim CIA Review Powers Resources CIA Review Gryfin CIA Review Wiley CIA Review CIA Learning System Lambers CIA Review
Ahịa $949 $902

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$495 $396
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$427 $357
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$375 $319
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$895 $1,800+
3,000 3,700+ 2,000+ 5,300 N/A 3,100
Audio Review
Ee – $700 Extra
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Gleim CIA Review (efehek: #1)

Gleim CIA

N'ozuzu Rating:

N'ezie Gụnyere Personal Ndụmọdụ: Ọ bụrụ na ị idebanye aha na Gleim si Prep ọmụmụ, ị ga-adịghị mkpa iji kwụọ ụgwọ maka a onye nduzi n'ihi na nwa akwụkwọ ọ bụla e kenyere ha nnọọ onwe onye ndụmọdụ. Your counselor will help you create a study plan and answer any questions you may have about the CIA exam process or study materials. Kpọtụrụ gị ndụmọdụ site na ekwentị ma ọ bụ email mgbe ọ bụla ị chọrọ inyere ha aka.
Large Ajụjụ Bank: Gleim si online N'ezie agụnye 3,000+ multiple oke ajụjụ na ụmụ akwụkwọ nwere ike iji nnukwu ule akụ iji mepụtara omenala omume ule. Ị nwere ike iyo omume ajụjụ ọnụ na ụdị, ma ọ bụ ewepu ajụjụ ị na-ama zara mee ka gị na-amụ rụọ ọrụ nke ọma. Zuru ezu azịza nkọwa na-gụnyere.
Dị Na Spanish: Gleim si nyochaa N'ezie bụ ugbu a bụkwa dị na Spanish. Ọ bụrụ na ị na-eme atụmatụ na-CIA udomo oro na Spanish, ọ bụ ihe ezi uche na-eme na Spanish ọmụmụ ihe iji kwadebe onwe gị. Omume ajụjụ nwere ike hụrụ na ma Bekee na Spanish.
Final udomo oro Review: The Exam mmeghari mode awade ụmụ akwụkwọ ohere iji kwadebe na a kọmputa ule na bụ fọrọ nke nta ka yiri ahụ n'ezie CIA udomo oro. Were ya dịkarịa ala otu izu tupu gị kpọmkwem udomo oro ụbọchị. Ọ simulates ahụ n'ezie udomo oro gburugburu ebe obibi site gụnyere 100 ọtụtụ nhọrọ ajụjụ ka ga-dechara na 3.5 awa. This is an excellent dress rehearsal for the big day!


Powers Resources CIA Review (efehek: #2)

N'ozuzu Rating:

Omume Ajụjụ: PRC provides you with more than 3,700 multiple choice practice questions AND explanations to why each answer is either correct or incorrect. You will be able to write notes and compile new test sessions with your marked, incorrect, or unattempted questions.
Flashcards: Instead of having to pay extra for flashcards, PRC includes over 2,800 e-flashcards. You will be able to organize them by high, medium, and/or low priority. And, there’s space for you to keep notes!
Mock Exams: At the end of every CIA Part, you will have two mock exams where you can practice all you’ve learned in a way that mimics the real CIA exam. This is essential when you are conducting your final review and want to practice your understanding in a real CIA exam layout and functionality.
No Video Lectures: PRC does not have any video lectures. You must read the textbook in order to review the material, which is not ideal for visual learners.


Gryfin CIA Review (efehek: #3)

N'ozuzu Rating:

Adaptive Learning: Gryfin offers an adaptive program that automatically adjusts to make sure you focus on key strengthening opportunities by testing you with more questions in areas you can grow the most.
Low Cost: Gryfin offers an affordable solution to your test review needs. The price is coupled with a pass guarantee and email support, which makes this package an even better deal.
100% Pass Guarantee: Gryfin offers a unique pass or refund guarantee. In addition to the pass guarantee, if your subscription runs out while you’re studying, you can re-purchase the course at a 50% discount.
No Video Lectures: Gryfin CIA Review is offered online only and does not have video lectures. Since the company believes in adaptive learning, Gryfin provides you with material, tests your knowledge on said material, and then guides you back to the topics that need more work.


Wiley CIA Review (efehek: #4)

wiley ciaexcel

N'ozuzu Rating:

Mobile App: Wiley bụ otu n'ime ole na ole ụlọ ọrụ na otu a na awade a mobile ngwa ime amụ na-na-aga ihe adaba maka ahịa na ohere ihe iPhone ma ọ bụ iPad. Ụmụ akwụkwọ nwere ike ịmepụta dee kaadị inyere ha aka n'isi nke dị oké mkpa echiche, ibe edokọbara kpọmkwem ngalaba, search site isiokwu, n'ebe ọ bụla ha na-na mgbe ọ bụla ha nwere oge.
Nnukwu Test Bank: The Wiley CIA Test Bank includes more than 5,300 ajụjụ na azịza na ngụkọta nile n'akụkụ atọ nke udomo oro. Jiri ule akụ ike na-akparaghị ókè, customized practice tests and track your progress and performance. Ị nwere ike debanyere na- 24 awa nke free, unlimited access to the Test Bank to try it out for yourself.
No Video Lectures or Live Instruction: This online course does not include lectures or access to instructors for students who need additional help or more detailed explanations. Students will have to cover the material in the textbooks and complete the practice questions on their own and rely on the answers that are provided to clarify any problems or questions.
No App for Android: Android users are out of luck if they want the convenience of studying from their tablet or phone with a dedicated app, because the mobile app is only available for iOS devices.


IIA CIA Learning System (efehek: #5)


N'ozuzu Rating:

Flexible Program: One of the perks of this program is the long access period. The self-study Full Kit includes two full years of access to the course and all the study materials for each of the 3 parts of the CIA exam. This means you can divide up the material and take your time preparing for each part of the exam at your own pace.
Online Ọmụmụ Ngwaọrụ: Interactive online tools help students determine what they should be studying. A diagnostic pre-test allows students to identify strengths and weaknesses and the SmartStudy feature can be used to create an individual plan of study. The quizzes at the end of each chapter and post-tests show how much information you’ve memorized and what you should spend more time reviewing.
Expensive: The CIA Learning System is one of the more costly courses on the market, and you just don’t get that much for your money. The lack of more advanced features that are included in most competitors’ courses makes it difficult to justify the $875 price tag.
Limited Demo and Poor Analytics: Although there is a free demo, you won’t get access to all parts of the course. You can take a short, guided tour of the site and its features and get a glimpse of and example textbook chapter. Feedback on your performance and progress is also limited, although there are some online diagnostic tools that help you identify your strongest and weakest subjects.


Lambers CIA Review (efehek: #6)

lambers cia

N'ozuzu Rating:

DVD Lectures: Lambers CIA review is one of the only courses that includes training videos for all 3 akụkụ nke udomo oro. These are available as a video series or as downloadable iPod DVD lessons. Each lesson is taught by an experienced instructor and takes about 60 minutes. Watch as hundreds of problems are solved step by step, and review recordings as often as you need to understand the concepts.
Audio Review: Lambers caters to audio-visual learners by offering an audio course in addition to DVD lectures, omume ajụjụ, na omume ule. Lambers Audio Courseware serves as a study supplement. This course option includes CDs for download to your computer that can then be synced with iPods or MP3 portable players.
Ahịa: This is an extremely expensive course. You will pay $1,800 for just the DVDs and the Test Prep Software (includes study materials for all three parts of the exam). Onye ọ bụla ọzọ mma a na-ọnụ iche iche, meaning that you will have to spend well over $2,500 to have access to all course options.
Outdated Technology and Site: Information on the Lambers website is outdated and the course dashboard has obviously not been redesigned in many years. If you don’t care about using the latest technology, the course pages are functional, but some students may wonder how often the materials and curriculum are updated given the old-fashioned feel of the site, dvds, and audio.



Best CIA Review Courses Breakdown

CIA Prep Courses Omume Ajụjụ Ahịa
Gleim CIA Review 3,000 $902
PRC CIA 3,700+ $495
Gryfin CIA Review 2,000+ $357
Wiley CIAexcel 5,300 $319
CIA Learning System N/A $895
Lambers CIA Review 3,100 $1,800

Additional Resources to Get You On the Right Track

Not sure you want to become an Certified Internal Auditor? Don’t worry, I’ve got your back! You can check out my CIA vs CPA comparison to find out which is a better fit. Ọzọkwa, learn more about other Accounting and Finance certifications: Certified Public Accountant Courses, Certified Financial Analyst Courses, na Enrolled Agent Courses and put your future on the right track! If you have any specific CIA questions, just drop a comment below and I’ll personally help you find the right course for you!

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24 anata
  1. Abdulaziz
    Abdulaziz -ekwu:

    Hi Bryce,

    Thanks for this website, it’s really helpful and it encouraged me to acquire the CIA certificate as soon as I finish my CFE. Otú ọ dị, I noticed that you didn’t include the IIA’s CIA Learning System in your review courses. Have you ever used?

    I’m asking because I was planning to get the IIA’s CIA Learning System, but now I have doubts about that idea and I’m thinking of getting Gleim instead.

    Need your advice.



    • Bryce
      Bryce -ekwu:

      Hi Abdulaziz,

      No I have not tested out that course yet but now that you brought it to my attention I will definitely contact them and see what I can do. Thanks for your support!


    • Marc M.
      Marc M. -ekwu:

      I tried the IIA’s learning system but it expired and they won’t add more time so I can finish, I am going to try another course. For the time that I used it, it was limited in resources to help you study.

  2. Jeanette
    Jeanette -ekwu:

    Hi Bryce,
    I currently work as Risk Management Analyst doing SOX Audits (10 yrs). I come across a lot of positions as SOX Analyst that ask for CIA Certifications. These are very high paying positions. I’m considering getting my CIA certification. I have a Business degree, but not an Accounting or CPA certification. Which certification would you recommend that would actually be a benefit to my career?

    Thank You,


    • Bryce
      Bryce -ekwu:

      Hi Jeanette,
      Sounds like you would benefit the most from a CIA certification. A CPA license covers much more of a broad range of topics but the CIA is more specialized in the subject of Auditing which is where your experience lies.


  3. jin sha
    jin sha -ekwu:

    Hi Bryce,

    Thanks for this website.I noticed that you didn’t include Hock international CIA review. Which one is better between Hock international and Gleim?

    Jin Sha

  4. Marinos
    Marinos -ekwu:

    Hi Bryce,

    I was wondering if you have any updates regarding the IIA’s CIA Learning System effectiveness? I’ve tried Gleim and although it provides a great functionality / user friendly course study materials etc, I didn’t do so well on the exam. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.


  5. Clara
    Clara -ekwu:

    Hi Bryce,
    Why is Fast Forward Academy CIA pre course ranking No2? I search on internet but I don’t see any review about this course.

  6. Zimkhitha
    Zimkhitha -ekwu:

    Hi Bryce

    I have tried both Gleim & CIA learning systems for part 3 but failed on both attempts. I sailed through part 1 & 2 with Gleim. Are there any other materials, specific to the contents on part 3 that you can recommend to augment these systems? I did well on accounting but credit the accounting books that I used in conjunction with the CIA learning system on my second attempt.

    Many thanks for the website

    • Bryce
      Bryce -ekwu:

      Have you tried Fast Forward Academy’s study material yet? Many students like their software and the style of their CIA course. I would recommend signing up for a Free Trial on their website and seeing if you like it.

  7. Mona
    Mona -ekwu:


    I’m an Information Technology Auditor in Internal Audit department of Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait. I have 19 years of experience in Auditing Financial Banking Systems.

    I have a BSc in Accounting and Computer Science from University of Wales. 1994. and Did my CISA in 2000. I am very busy but doing my CIA is a long waiting dream. Kindly, I would like your opinion on what study material should I go with given my background?

    Nke abuo, do I have to get the experience requirement form filled up and completed before I sign up for the exam? or after I pass it?

    Appreciate your response as I’m totally confused to which study material I should start with. As a head start, I bought a book of part one which was available in a college library in Bahrain, Powers Resource Corporation.

    Thanks & Regards

  8. Mitali
    Mitali -ekwu:

    Hi Byrce

    I am a recent CPA and currently working as an external auditor. Otú ọ dị, I am looking for other qualifications for better job opportunities. I wanted to know if it is a good idea to pursue CIA and if what are the eligibility requirements for the same?

    Awaiting your response.


  9. Chiedza
    Chiedza -ekwu:

    Hi Bryce

    I want to study internal audit and I intend on buying a kit this very week. I am interested in the Fast Forward Academy one because it is cheap and you gave it 2nd place. I have been going through their free demos and I already like the demos but I am a bit confused as to whether their fast books are downloadable or I always have to log into my account to access them. So I guess my real question is would I be in need of constant internet access for me to study?


    MAHESHKUMAR -ekwu:

    I took the CIA Part 3 recently. I failed. My score was 546. I relied on Gleim Online and text books. The questions asked needed great deal of understanding of the concepts and mere superficial knowledge of these proved to be inadequate. All though the CIA Syllabus for Part 3 mentions that most sections are tested at Awareness level my experience was otherwise. I am not sure whether for next attempt which will be now after 90 days should i rely only on Gleim or refer to some other source..

    • Tim C
      Tim C -ekwu:


      I failed Part 3 the first time as well, but passed on my second attempt a couple of weeks ago. For all three parts, I used the Gleim online courses and the Wiley online test prep and books. I agree–Gleim is too superficial, but the Wiley book is way too overloaded with information to the point of being overwhelming. And its not written very well for the purposes of taking the test. For my second attempt at Part 3, I got the Exammatrix course and book. What helped me was that you can print the questions, so each time I missed one, I printed the response and worked through the problem. Ọzọkwa, the online questions are cross-referenced to the book, so you can look up the source and see the answer in context. When you get the online course, you get a PDF version of the book, but you have to pay extra for a hard copy–I did and found it speeded things up because I could keep the question up on my screen while reading the book.

      • Janae
        Janae -ekwu:

        How are you liking exam matrix? I used hock my first artempt, gleim my second attempt, and now I’m just desperate. I want a program that will help me pass the test. I did well on all my gleim practice tests so I understand it, I just need to figure out how to apply it to the hard exam questions.

  11. Ali
    Ali -ekwu:


    I have 8 Years experience in Internal Audit and now decided to pass CIA. I do not face any problem while working, good knowledge but once start study the result is reversed.
    I need your advise.

    • amy sears
      amy sears -ekwu:

      Studying for the CIA is different than having years of experience in CIA topics. You may have more practice in certain topics while others are more complex than you remember. It takes some getting used to when you have to start rigorously studying again after being out of the academic arena for several years. Be patient with yourself and find a review course that matches your learning style. Maybe look for a course that has a well known support system, like Gleim’s personal counselor feature. Jisie ike!


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