Gryfin CIA Review

Course Faatatauina: ★★★★

Gryfin CIA Review is a popular course for many students going through the CIA exam process. The course utilizes a cutting-edge technology that allows you to customize your learning experience.

Adaptive learning technology along with the lowest price tag of any CIA review course on the market, Gryfin is a great match for many types of students.

tulaga e lelei

1. Adaptive Learning Software

Gryfin’s adaptive learning software will create a study plan specific to your needs. By assessing your answers, Gryfin can build a customized program that focuses on your areas of weakness. The objective is to streamline the studying process so you only target the areas that need more understanding.

Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, Gryfin CIA Review tailors the course to your learning style. This targeting results in an extremely efficient way to study. The adaptive software trims away the unnecessary information and redundant work so you don’t waste any time going over material you’ve already mastered.

2. 100% Pass Faamaoniga

Gryfin is so confident in its review course that it offers a Pass or Refund Guarantee. Afai e te faaaogaina lona ala atoa ma te le oo, le a toe faafoi le kamupani lau tupe. Ia mautinoa ua e siaki mai le manaoga e manaomia ina ia faia e te agavaa mo lenei fuafuaga faamautinoaga matagofie.

Gryfin 100% Pass FaamaonigaNot only does Gryfin CIA Review offer a Pass or Refund Guarantee, ae foi e maua ai se 50% pau pe afai e te filifili e toe tago i le ala ina ua faamutaina. It’s clear that Gryfin takes pride in its software’s ability to get you a passing score on the CIA exam.

3. Easy-to-Use Course Design

The clean web design of Gryfin makes this course easy to use. The dashboard helps make the entire site accessible and guides you through the process as it monitors your progress. Thanks to adaptive learning, Gryfin can provide a study plan that is tailored to your needs. This means that your test prep course will be made for your use, not other students, ensuring you have a smooth and customized studying process. Every study session will help personalize the course, making it easier for you to use.

4. Exam Day Planner

This is a great tool used in Gryfin that calculates how many hours you need to study in order to cover all the material and practice before your exam date. All you need to do is input the date of your exam and what days you can study, and then Gryfin will create your personalized preparation strategy.

You will see a detailed plan of how many hours a day you will need to study in order to be ready for the CIA Exam. This will help you avoid stressing out about the logistics of figuring out how you are going to pace your study time. The less headaches the better when it comes to preparing for your test!

5. Tau Low

Gryfin Low CostGryfin is the most affordable comprehensive review course available. The low price will be a very attractive option for you, since other review courses with the same features can be more than twice the price of Gryfin.

Add in the cost of the exam itself and you may find yourself in the hole, financially speaking, if you splurge on a more expensive option. Equipped with state of the art adaptive learning technology, this is a higher-end product with a lower-end price tag.

6. Simplicity

Gryfin has made a clean cut web design that takes out the distractions and other nonsense that is not crucial to studying for the CIA Exam. The dashboard is simple and the entire site is free from clutter allowing you to keep your aim on what’s really important: passing the CIA Exam. There are several other indicators that are plainly presented to you—it’s simple to reference any of the included programs and tools while studying. Without all the bells and whistles, you can really focus on your progress and see where you will need to improve.

7. faapau

Gryfin offers a variety of discounts. Currently, it is offering a 10% discount for first time purchases. Ia mautinoa ia siaki le faapau itulau mo isi o lo o tagofia e mafai ona latou ofoina atu.


E leai se Lectures Vitio

Gryfin CIA Review is offered online only and does not have video lectures. Talu talitonu le kamupani i le aoaoina adaptive, Gryfin provides you with material, tofotofoina lou malamalama i mea e fai, ma taialaina toe oe i le autu e manaomia e le galuega sili. Gryfin believes including a video lecture would increase unnecessary study time.

tagata e faaaogāina lelei

Gryfin CIA Review is a great fit for self-motivated learners who will take advantage of the adaptive learning software to optimize their studies. The course becomes a personalized study experience that targets your attention to areas that need to be strengthened. This leads to a more efficient way to study that doesn’t require you to go back and review material you’ve already mastered.

Gryfin would be great for you if you are working full time or have a busy schedule. The course has a lot of flexibility and can adjust to your time constraints. It even offers review courses for each part of the CIA Exam if you don’t need the entire exam prep program. Honestly, since the software can adapt to any type of student, this review course can be a great match for everyone.

lo'u Fautuaga

Gryfin is breaking through the test prep industry and has become a leading choice for many CIA candidates. With a comprehensive software that can adapt to each individual user, o loo faia le auala suesuega patino ma le faia e gafatia. I se tau maualalo tulagaese, e leai se isi ala faatusatusa pe a le mauaina o le fetoaiga sili mo lou Buck.

E matua mautinoa lenei kamupani i lona ala ma lau mau o le suʻega CIA e aofia ai se Pass po o luga o Faamaoniga toe faafoi. Gryfin really wants to see you succeed and pass your test on your first try. Pikiina le ala iloiloga saʻo o se tasi o laasaga sili ona taua i lau faagasologa e avea ma se CIA, so make sure you choose one that will compliment the way you learn and your lifestyle.



Aotelega o le Vaega Course

  • More than 2,000 Multiple Choice Questions
  • Web Based Review
  • 12 Months of Online Access
  • 100% Pass or Refund Guarantee
  • Exam Day Planner


Gryfin CIA Exam Review Full Course (Includes Parts 1, 2, ma 3)

tau: $427 $357 Show Coupon

e aofia ai: 12 Months of online access, 2,000+ multiple choice questions, Exam Day Planner, and Pass or Refund Guarantee

  • Price for individual Exam part: $149



Gryfin CIA Review Course Info

Gryfin CIA Review
1.Adaptive Learning Software
2.100% Pass Faamaoniga
3.Easy-to-Use Course Design
4.Exam Day Planner
5.Tau Low



Gleim CIA Review

gleim cia materialsCourse Faatatauina: ★★★★★

Gleim CIA Review is one of the most popular CIA review courses on the market. Students have praised this extensive self-study course, which comes with an assigned personal counselor to help you through the entire CIA exam process.
The comprehensive study materials, an option to buy materials separately or as a package, performance tracking, and money back guarantee, all make this course a very attractive option.

tulaga e lelei

gleim cia counseling1. Personal Counselors & Accessibility

You won’t need to pay for a tutor because your very own counselor is built into the course. Right from the start, your counselor will help you create a study plan based on your schedule, current situation and background. Whether you have questions about the CIA exam process or the study materials, you can turn to your counselor or the expert accounting staff at Gleim. Contact them by phone, email, or consult the Q&A message board for answers to commonly asked questions.

2. Large Question Bank

Gleim’s online test software includes over 3,000 multiple choice questions. Students can use the large test bank to create custom practice tests. Practice questions on tests can be filtered by number and type, and you can choose to exclude questions you have worked on previously. This helps avoid spending time on the same questions you’ve already answered in favor of focusing on those you haven’t seen or need to practice. Detailed explanations for both correct and incorrect answers are also included.

gleim cia3. Performance Analysis

Gleim helps you identify and focus on your weak areas so you don’t spend more time than necessary preparing for your next CIA exam. The software comes with detailed analytics that track your performance as you progress through the course. Struggling with a particular section? You can keep retaking the same questions until you master that type. The software tracks your most recent attempt, the average of your last 3 attempts, and your cumulative average. You can also follow your progress in the Performance Graphs section, which shows a snapshot of your performance so far.

4. Available in Spanish

Students planning to take the exam in Spanish will be happy to know that Gleim offers its study materials in Spanish as well. There is no need to translate the practice questions into Spanish in your head or struggle with a language barrier, as everything has been translated for you already! You will be able to see the practice questions in both English and Spanish.

5. Choose Study or Exam Mode

In the Study Session mode, you can choose how many questions to include on your practice exam. This is useful if you don’t have much time to study because you can fit in a quick session on your lunch break or before work. In study mode, your answers will be graded immediately and you’ll get an explanation of why your answer was correct or incorrect.

When you start to feel more confident about a section, you can switch over to the Practice Exam mode, which simulates the actual exam environment. Just as on the real CIA exam, the answers will not be revealed until you have completed all of the questions.

6. Final Exam Review

The Exam Rehearsal mode offers the chance to prepare with a computerized test that is almost identical to the actual CIA exam. It should be taken at least one week before your real exam date, during your final review. It simulates the actual exam environment by including 100 multiple-choice questions that must be answered in 3.5 hours. You’ll be able to practice your time-management skills while testing yourself on the content of the exam.

7. Pass Guarantees

If you are not satisfied with the Gleim CIA Review course you can return it for a full refund (less shipping costs). Or you can take advantage of their Replacement Guarantee or the Continued Access Guarantee. It is obvious that Gleim is investing in satisfied customers who will pass the CIA exam on their first attempt. For more details and eligibility requirements for the various guarantees, please click here.

8. faapau

Gleim currently offers Crush readers a 5% discount on all their CIA study materials. Be sure to take advantage of this discount if you go with Gleim!

aumai 5% OFF Gleim CIA Review


1. tau / No Savings on Most Packages

Unless you are planning to buy the Gleim Premium CIA Review System with all components ($849), buying the study materials for all three parts of the exam together in a bundle won’t save you much (or anything) compared to buying the separate components of the program. With our additional discount, you’ll save an extra $42 if you plan to buy the entire Premium CIA Review program with everything included, but students interested only in the online review course would do better to buy prep materials for one part of the exam at a time to see how well it fits their needs and prepares them.

tagata e faaaogāina lelei

The Gleim CIA audio review is great for people who are constantly on-the-go. Each clip is approximately 30-minutes long and covers a different study unit. The audio is compatible with most portable music devices and smart phones, allowing candidates to study while at the gym, during their daily commute to work, and other less traditional study times. For more information about Gleim’s audio review course click here.

The program’s flexibility allows students to buy study materials for just one part of the exam at a time, or they can purchase the entire course for a slight savings. Self-motivated learners will do best with this program – even though you are assigned a personal counselor to answer questions and help you design a study plan, this is not a traditional assignment with live lectures, ASO E FAAGATA po o fegalegaleaiga tupulaga.

lo'u Fautuaga

Gleim e ala iloiloina i le initoneti o le CIA e sili ona malamalama i luga o le maketi, ma o se ua talafeagai tele mo soo se tasi e ogaoga uiga i le tufaina uma 3 vaega o le suega i luga o le taumafai muamua. O le fesoasoani le tagata lava ia tofia i tamaiti taitasi o se tasi o malosiaga sili o le polokalama a le Gleim. Tamaiti o le vasega oe ua ave mataupu a le Gleim pepa faataga o le faiga o fesili ma lipoti e faapea o le mea saunia lelei i latou mo le suega moni.

O le mea moni e faapea o loo lagolagoina lo latou ala e se Faamaoniga Toe Tupe, a Replacement Guarantee, and an Online Access Guarantee demonstrates Gleim’s commitment to their products and their desire for their clients to succeed on the CIA exam. Download one of Gleim’s FREE Demos and check it out for yourself. This could be the most important decision you make in your journey to crush the CIA exam!



Aotelega o le Vaega Course

  • Interactive Review Sections for Part 1, 2, ma 3 o le suʻega CIA
  • Large Test Question Bank (3,000+ questions)
  • Unlimited Practice Exams
  • Interactive Study Planer
  • Personal Counselor
  • Digital Books with Outlines, Examples, Audiovisual Lectures
  • Audio Review Lectures for Download/Streaming
  • Final Exam Rehearsal™


Gleim Premium CIA Review System Package (Includes Parts 1, 2 ma 3)
tau: $849
e aofia ai: Unlimited access until you pass to Gleim’s Premium online self-study review course (2016 edition), unlimited practice exams, exam-emulating test bank and quizzes, personal counselor, interactive Study Planner, digital book with comprehensive outlines, examples and audiovisual lectures. Also includes Gleim CIA Test Prep, Audio Lectures (2017 edition), and Exam Rehearsal™ and free Gleim bookbag.

  • Price for Part 1 poʻo 2 only: $299
  • Price for Part 3 only: $339

Gleim Traditional CIA Review Online (Includes Parts 1, 2 ma 3)
tau: $799
e aofia ai: Gleim’s Traditional online self-study review course (2016 edition) comes with an interactive study planner, Audio Lectures (2017 edition) faiga fesili, Gleim digital books containing comprehensive outlines and examples, and your own personal counselor, all until you pass.

  • Price for Part 1 poʻo 2 only: $279
  • Price for Part 3 only: $319

Gleim CIA Parts 1,2,3 (Books & Test Prep)

Total Price: $447

e aofia ai: 18-month access to one of the most widely used question banks on the market. CIA Exam questions released by The IIA and books (lē faʻafetai).

  • Price for Part 1 – Faavae Suetusi Lotoifale (Book & Test Prep) only: $139
  • Price for Part 2 – Internal Audit Practice (Book & Test Prep) only: $139
  • Price for Part 3 – Internal Audit Knowledge Elements (Book & Test Prep) only: $169


Gleim CIA Review Course Info

Gleim CIA Review
1.Personal Counselors & Accessibility
2.Large Question Bank
3.5% Off Discount Code
4.Available in Spanish
5.Pass Guarantees



Wiley CIA Review

wiley cia 2015Course Faatatauina: ★★★★

Wiley ua i ai i le suega pisinisi prep mo le sili atu 40 years and is known for creating high-quality review courses for several different accounting exams. Wiley CIAexcel, also known as Wiley CIA Review, lives up to these standards and provides a variety of resources to help candidates study for and pass the CIA exam.

Some of the more popular course features include their huge test bank comprised of over 5,000 faiga fesili, mobile apps, comprehensive textbooks, and Focus Notes.


tulaga e lelei

wiley test bank1. Test Bank

Taking practice tests is a crucial part of preparing for the CIA exam. le Wiley CIA Test Bank gives students that opportunity. The Test Bank for all three parts of the exam includes more than 5,000 questions and answers, the option of creating unlimited, customized practice tests, and performance analytics to track your progress and performance. The software simulates the actual Pearson VUE test experience to help prepare students for what to expect on the day of their exam.

2. Mobile Apps

E leai se mea e sasa a polokalama feaveai mo le suesueina i le eo atu. ua foafoaina Wiley apps mo le iPhone ma le iPad. E mafai ona e faia kata o faamatalaga tusitusia i manatu pulu o manatu autu, faailoga tusi tuutuuga po o vaega faapitoa, suesuega e uputatala, ma faia lou lava faamatalaga mo vaega uma e tolu o le suʻega CIA.

3. Up-e-Aso tusi aoga

tusi aoga CIA a Wiley ua toe faafou i tausaga taitasi. O le ala atoatoa e aofia ai se seti o 3 tusi aoga, tasi mo vaega taitasi o le suʻega CIA. The three books work together to help reinforce topics and help you master the concepts and principles, Peitai, they can be purchased individually or as a set. Each book is filled with diagrams, laulau, siata ma masini manatua e fesoasoani e te manatua le mea. E maua foi le avanoa i le tele o fesili filifiliga ma o latou tali.

O le tusi aoga muamua e aofia ai le Vaega 1, Faavae Suetusi Lotoifale; tusi aʻoaʻo 2 e aofia ai le Vaega 2 ma taulai atu i Faataitai Internal Suetusi; ma alu atu le tusi aoga lona tolu i luga o le Elemene Poto Suetusi Internal ufitia i le Vaega 3 o le suega.

faamatalaga taulai wiley4. Faamatalaga taulai

O lenei seti mau faaopoopo o loo otooto le mea suesuega e sili ona taua ufitia i le suʻega i se faiga condensed. Wiley Faamatalaga Taulai come in a spiral bound flip guide and focus on key concepts to help you make the most of your study time. You’ll complete drills on financial calculations, spreadsheet and research skills.

Each section teaches you new strategies for how to prepare for your exam quickly and efficiently and provides additional reference material for your weaker areas.

5. Free Trial of Test Bank

You can sign up to get 24 hours of free, unlimited access to the Test Bank. Although you won’t be able to access the course textbook materials or other resources, you will be able to decide whether to purchase the Test Bank separately or as a part of your course.


1. No Android App

ua na maua Faamatalaga Taulai suʻega CIA a Wiley mo masini Apple iOS. Ae peitai, ua atiina ae Wiley apps Android mo lona vasega prep suʻega CPA, ina atonu o le a mafai e tagata e faaaogaina Android e faamanuiaina mai lenei vaega i le lumanai.

2. E leai se Filifiliga Ola po o le Lectures Vitio

Review suʻega Wiley CIA o matua i se ala luga o le initoneti e aunoa ma se vaega ola po o le vitio. Students will have to cover the material in the textbooks and complete the practice questions on their own and rely on the answers that are provided to clarify any problems or questions they might have.

lo'u Fautuaga

Wiley CIA will benefit online students who learn best by practicing many questions and plan their approach to passing the exam according to their own study schedule. Wiley is well-known for high-quality questions that are similar to those on the exam and can be filtered for practice sessions involving the Test Bank. The included textbooks and Focus Notes are a welcome addition for more traditional learners who want to work their way through a text.

Having access to mobile apps gives students the opportunity to study anytime, anywhere at their convenience. This is valuable for candidates with long commutes on the subway or train. The CIA online Test Bank is the core of the program and will help students become adept at answering questions online, just as they will on the actual exam.



Aotelega o le Vaega Course

  • Exam guides (3 volumes)
  • Faamatalaga taulai (flipbooks with most essential material)
  • Online Test Bank with 5,300+ faiga fesili
  • Practice Exams created through Test Bank
  • Course Analytics
  • Mobile app for iPhone and iPad


Wiley CIAexcel Exam Review 2015: Complete Study Pack (Includes Parts 1, 2 ma 3)
tau: $675
e aofia ai: Complete Wiley CIA exam guides (3 volumes), Focus Notes for all three parts, 1-year access to the Online Test Bank, including 5,300+ faiga fesili.

Wiley CIAexcel Pack Parts (Internal Audit Basics Pack; Internal Audit Practice Pack; or Knowledge Elements Pack)
tau: $225 for each Part
e aofia ai: 1-Year Test Bank subscription to associated exam Part, Focus Notes associated with exam Part, and Review Guide associated with Exam Part.

Wiley CIA Exam Focus Notes
tau: $40 for each Part (1, 2 ma 3)
e aofia ai: Spiral-bound Focus Notes guides for 2015. These study aids distill key information to enhance retention of the material.

Wiley CIA Exam Focus Notes App
tau: Free-$89.99, depends on in-app purchases
e aofia ai: Free Install with 30 Notes. e mafai ona e faaopoopo mea suesuega faaopoopo e ala i i-polokalama faatauga i $34.99 i le vaega po o $89.99 mo vaega uma e tolu.

Wiley suʻega CIA Faletupe Tofotofoga na
tau: $215 mo 1 tausaga / $ 75 mo 4 masina i le Vaega
e aofia ai: i luga 5,000 questions and answers, sauniga faatapulaaina faiga ma tofotofoga, faia faiga seti mai 30+ suʻega laiti autu, ma analytics o faasologa o malosiaga ma vaivaiga.


Wiley CIA Breakdown

Wiley CIA Review
1.Tofotofoga Faletupe Faatasi ai ma le 5,000 fesili
2.polokalama Mobile
3.Up-Ina ia-Aso tusi aoga
4.Faamatalaga taulai
5.Free Trial of Test Bank



Ofisa o le Aoaoina CIA Review

2013-cia-books-box-laptop-tabletCourse Faatatauina: ★★★★★

The CIA Learning System is the official study material developed by the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA). I have received many inquires from CIA candidates asking if it’s necessary to use this course to pass the Certified Internal Auditor exam, or if there are better and cheaper review courses on the market. This review covers the strengths and weaknesses of the CIA Learning System so you can compare it to other CIA course providers and decide for yourself.

The IIA’s CIA Learning System self-study course includes printed and e-book reading materials, mea initoneti fesootai, ma le filifiliga o le ola, vasega taitaiina-faiaoga. O le pusa atoa e aofia ai vaega uma e tolu o le suʻega, pe e mafai ona e faatauina le mea mo vaega taitasi eseese.

tulaga e lelei

1. fetuutuunai

Le filifiliga lava suesuega o lona uiga e mafai ona e suesue i mea e te, pe e te manao, ma i lau lava saoasaoa. Afai e te faatau ai le lava le suesue Pusa Full, o le ae maua le lua tausaga o le avanoa i le ala ma mea suesuega uma, ina ia mafai ona e aveina lou taimi e aoao moni lava le mea mo vaega taitasi o le suʻega pe afai tou te tumau i se fuafuaga e suesue ai regimented.

2. Tools Suesuega luga o le initoneti

faia faigofie meafaigaluega luga o le initoneti e taaalo faatasi e fausia se fuafuaga e suesue patino e faavae i luga o outou faatinoga i le faiga o fesili ma tofotofoga. E mafai ona e a muamua suega diagnostic e iloa ou malosiaga ma vaivaiga ma ona faaaoga lea o le vaega SmartStudy i le fuafuaina lau fuafuaga e suesue. Suega mulimuli i mataupu taitasi, and post-tests help you identify how much information you have retained once you’ve covered all of the material. Lima tusi aoga aofia ai mea uma e tatau ona e iloa mo vaega uma e tolu o le suʻega.

3. Optimized mo masini feaveai

E ui lava e leai se polokalama faapaiaina mo le polokalama e suesue le tagata lava ia-CIA IIA, le a mafai ona sui e maua ai foliga moni uma mai o latou telefoni poto ma tapeleti mo suesuega sili atu ona talafeagai. E mafai ona e suesue i le ala pe afai e te usu, po o le toso mai lau telefoni ao loo e faatalitali i le laina e faitau se mataupu tusi aoga pe faia se faafitauli po o le lua.

4. I-Tagata Lesona

Mo tamaiti e le mananao i se ala potuaoga sili masani aoaoina e se faiaoga latou ofoina semina luga o le initoneti, vasega i vaiaso taitasi, ma semina eseese aso i le tele o US ma nofoaga faava o malo e ala i mataupu IIA le lotoifale, iunivesite, ma isi paaga. Le tele o nei mataupu e aofia ai le avanoa i mea suesuega i le initoneti uma.


1. Demo Limited & Analytics

E mafai ona e saini mo le demo saoloto pe afai o loo e naunau i le siakiina o mai nisi vaega o le mea moni ae e te faatau ai, Peitai, the demo does not give you access to all parts of the course and the access is for a small amount of time. O le ala demo aofia faatapulaaina malaga taamilo taialaina o le nofoaga ma ona vaega faaopoopo se faataitaiga mataupu tusi aoga. Interested candidates must also fill out a short survey to get access to the demo.

E ui lava e mafai ona e maua mai ai ni manatu faaalia i lou alualu i luma, e le o se tagata aoao-adaptive lenei kosi: e mafai ona e oso i luga o le fesili lava lea e tasi ma toe, ma e leai se polokalama lavelave le faasologa o lou fuainumera faatinoga po o le fuafuaina lea o le a ituaiga o fesili faiga e sili ona lelei mo tamaiti taitoatasi.

2. tau

i $895 mo le vasega atoa, the CIA Learning System is one of the most expensive courses on the market. Tuuina atu o latou matua faatapulaaina analytics moni ma le leai o le sili atu o vaega maualuluga (leai se foafoaga o suega patino e ma faamama auiliili, ma isi tulaga faapena) o le a faia foi le vasega e faatau siomia. E-semina ma ola i mataupu taitaia e facilitators e sili atu le taugata i le sili atu nai lo $1,000 i le ala.

3. E leai se Lectures le faalogo po o le Vitio

O lenei vasega e aofia ai faapitoa o faamatalaga i le tusi aoga, faiga fesili, ma faiga suega. Sei vagana ua e lesitala i se ala e ola ai i se faʻalapotopotoga, o le a outou maua e aoao oe lava le mea mai le tusi e aofia ai i le faagasologa ma le galueaiina o le fesili faiga i lou lava.

tagata e faaaogāina lelei

E pei o le tele o mataupu e toe iloilo, students who are self-motivated and can keep to a regular study plan will do fine with this self-study program and study materials. O i latou oe faatinoina lelei i se a faamanuiaina atonu potuaoga faatulaga sili mai se ola, sauniga iloiloga taitaiina-faʻalapotopotoga ma tupulaga. polofesa o le sueina o tusi Lotoifale i le aafiaga tele o le a mautinoa ai e suesue mo le suega CIA, but should keep in mind that the CPA exam is generally considered to be much more difficult.

lo'u Fautuaga

E ui lava o le mea tusi aoga o se auala sili e saunia ai mo le suʻega, meafaigaluega luga o le initoneti e itiiti le mataʻina nai lo i latou ua ofoina mai e le tele o tauva a IIA. The most comforting aspect of the CIA Learning System is that it was designed by the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), ina ia mafai ona lagona le mautinoa o le mea o loo latou aoaoina o mea o le a aofia ai tamaiti o le vasega i luga o le suʻega.

Ina ua fai, many candidates agree that the practice questions they offer are less challenging than other CIA prep courses like Gleim CIA Review.

The CIA Learning System is a decent course, but compared to some of their competitors it’s more expensive, itiiti atoatoa, ma faaaogaina o tekinolosi sili atu le toe aoga. I would suggest checking out all your options before committing to this CIA review course.

Faatusatusa le mea sili CIA vasega TOE FAAMANATU!

Aotelega o le Vaega Course

  • mea Suesue i se tuufaatasiga o le lolomiina ma le faiga e-tagata faitau
  • Avanoa i luga o le initoneti tofotofoga ma suesuega meafaigaluega
  • muai- ma a mavae le tofotofoga
  • mataupu suega
  • Flashcards & lomi fefiloi
  • CIA suʻega faiga
  • Avanoa i nofoaga autu o le initoneti punaoa


IIA System Aoaoina CIA: Self-Suesuega Pusa Full (3-vaega suʻega)
tau: $895
e aofia ai: mea Suesue mo vaega uma e tolu o le suʻega CIA i le lomia ma le faiga e-tagata faitau, avanoa i luga o le initoneti tofotofoga ma suesuega meafaigaluega mo le lua tausaga, muai- ma a mavae le tofotofoga, mataupu suega, flashcards, lomi fefiloi, CIA suʻega faiga, ma nofoaga autu o punaoa i le initoneti.

IIA System Aoaoina CIA: Self-Suesuega Vaega 1, 2 poʻo 3 (pe faatauina eseese)
tau: $325
e aofia ai: mea Suesuega mo le Vaega 1, 2, poʻo 3 o le suega (faatau atu taitasi eseese) i lolomi ma faiga e-faitau, avanoa i luga o le initoneti tofotofoga ma le suesue meafaigaluega mo 1 tausaga, muai- ma a mavae le tofotofoga, mataupu suega, flashcards, lomi fefiloi, CIA suʻega faiga, ma nofoaga autu o punaoa i le initoneti.

E faatusatusa le Ofisa o le Aoaoina CIA i isi vasega iloiloga, faamolemole kiliki le faamau o loo i lalo.

Faatusatusa le mea sili CIA vasega TOE FAAMANATU!

Ofisa o le Aoaoina CIA malepelepe

Ofisa o le Aoaoina CIA Review
2.Tools Suesuega luga o le initoneti
3.Optimized mo masini feaveai
4.I-Tagata Lesona



Lambers CIA Review

Lambers CIA ReviewCourse Faatatauina: ★★★★★

ua toaga Lambers i le alamanuia prep suesuega talu 1966 ma ofoina vasega iloiloga mo le tele o mataupu tau tupe.

Lambers CIA Review uses case studies and examples to help students understand, manatua, ma faaaoga mea na latou aoaoina. Their course aims to make studying more efficient by only including subject matter that is the most relevant and likely to show up on the CIA exam. Busy professionals today have no time to waste studying material that is unlikely to be tested on, ina fesoasoani Lambers e suesue na o le mea e tatau ona e iloa e oo.

tulaga e lelei

1. Course DVD

Lambers CIA iloiloga e aofia ai i 60 itula o aoaoga vitio e aofia ai faamatalaga mo tagata uma 3 vaega o le suega. O mea o toe iloiloga mo vaega taitasi o le suʻega e oo mai pe o se vitio faasologa po o lesona sii mai iPod DVD, ma se tusi e galue ai e fesootai. O lesona taitasi le umi pe tusa ma le tasi le itula i se taumafaiga e aloese mai tamaiti lofituina i mea tele le taimi e tasi. O le vitio lesona o loo aoao mai e le poto masani faiaoga ma pueina i totonu o se potuaoga.

O le tusia tautalaga avatu ai se avanoa i luga o mataupu e tuuina atu i tamaiti tusi aoga ma faamoemoe o le vasega e aoao atu i latou lava i le mea. Tamaiti o le vasega e mafai ona matamata i le faitau selau o faafitauli ua foia laasaga ma lea laasaga, ma e mafai ona taofi le pueina e tusi ni faamatalaga pe solomuli ma replay vaega maoti e pei ona manaomia.

2. tusi e galue ai Seti

Se seti o tusi aoga e aofia ai le faitau selau o fesili o le suega, faataitaiga, ma o loo otooto faatasi le Video / tautalaga DVD. Each workbook is designed to be straightforward and to help students maximize retention of the most important information that is likely to appear on the exam.

3. Supplemental Audio Review

Lambers Audio Courseware can be used as a convenient study supplement when you are out and about. Designed for MP3 compatible players, it includes CDs to download to your computer to be synced with iPods or MP3 portable players, training workbooks, practice questions worked out by professors, and current, up-to-date courseware. O se faataitaiga o leo o loo maua i luga o le website Lambers.

4. Tolu Modes Adaptive Tofotofoga

Le polokalama Prep Tofotofoga aofia tolu ese modes suʻega e fetuunai i le tulaga oi ai nei o tomai. le Faiga muai suega tuuina sui suʻega se malamalamaaga sili atu o le tele o mea ua uma ona latou iloa ma lea vaega o le a manaomia ona latou fufulu i luga o. O lenei aloese ua e iloilo ai mea ua uma ona e iloa ma e mafai ai ona e taulai atu i lau vaega sili ona vaivai.

le Faiga Vili Adaptive fesoasoani taulai atu ai ma aoaoga o le vasega le mea seia oo ina maea. Afai e te oo mai i le salafa o se manatu po o se fesili e te le malamalama, lenei auala e te maua ai avanoa e sili atu faamatalaga auiliili ma maua ai sootaga i nisi faamatalaga o le a fesoasoani ia te oe e aoao ma malamalama i latou e sili atu.

O le taimi lava ua e malamalama lelei ou vaivaiga, oo i le taimi e galue ai i lau suega-aveina tomai ma fausia ai le mautinoa ma le Faiga Simulated. Le faiga suʻega simulated dials le uunaiga e ala i le tuuina atu o tamaiti o le vasega fesili e sili atu ona faigata i se faatulagaga lea e foliga mai e sili atu e pei o le mea o le a latou fetaiai i le suega moni CIA.

5. Money Back Guarantee

Lambers offers a “No Pass No Pay Guarantee” that promises a refund for those who fail the exam twice after using their products. Please see the Lambers website for the specific requirements that must be met in order to qualify for a refund.


1. tau

The biggest drawback of Lambers’ CIA Review is its exorbitant price. i $1,800 for just the DVDs and the Test Prep Software for all three parts of the exam, this review course costs 3 to 4 times as much as competitors’ options, ma e leai se pau mo le faatauina mai o mea suesuega mo tagata uma 3 vaega o le suʻega o se faaputuga.

ua priced eseese taitasi vaega faaopoopo, ma e matua taugata. Faataitaiga, a faatulaga foi e le ala iloiloga faalogologo mo vaega uma e tolu o le suʻega e $700, le flashcards tau se faaopoopo $500, ma le “Fai atu i le tagata tomai faapitoa” ua overpriced Auaunaga i $300, tuuina atu e aupito se auala e maua au fesili taliina e emailing aufaigaluega. Building a comprehensive course in order to have access to all or even most of the features turns out to be an expensive proposition.

2. Dated Website

Information on the Lambers website dates back to the CIA exam’s change in 2013, giving the impression that Lambers does not update its corporate website with the most recent and relevant information regarding the CIA exam. The course dashboard is also outdated and could benefit from a newer and more streamlined design.

tagata e faaaogāina lelei

lesona Lambers DVD e sili ona fetaui mo tagata o loo aoaoina leo-vaaia o ē e fiafia le e aoao atu i latou lava i le mea mai se tusi. vasega isi iloiloga nai ofoina tautalaga po o faaalia ai le auala e galueaiina ai faafitauli, ina tamaiti o loo manaomia le a faamanuiaina faaopoopo le taitaiga sili ona.

O le fautuaga ma togafiti ofoina atu i lenei ala o se ponesi manaia ona latou faaali atu le mea e tatau ona taulai atu lou taimi ma le malosi. Lambers prides itself on sticking to the most commonly tested concepts and steering students away from irrelevant material to save time by memorizing only the most pertinent information for the exam.

lo'u Fautuaga

O le mafuaaga e sili ona malosi e alu i Lambers CIA Review o le avanoa i le DVD aoaoga. O le tele o le initoneti vasega iloiloga tuuina atu i tamaiti tusi aoga, workbooks ma fesili initoneti faiga, ae pauu puupuu pe a oo mai e tuuina atu le mataupu i faiga lauga.

Ae o lesi foi itu, Lambers’ ala na e le tuuina atu lava le tau po o vaega e faamaonia ai o latou matua pine tau maualuga. Students who don’t need the DVD lectures to succeed would do well to investigate other CIA course options before spending this much money on a review course.

Faatusatusa le mea sili CIA vasega TOE FAAMANATU!


Aotelega o le Vaega Course

  • tautalaga potuaoga DVD i Faatulagaina MP4
  • I le initoneti po o CD-faavae tautalaga potuaoga
  • Polokalama Adaptive Prep Tofotofoga ma 3,100+ faiga fesili, tali ma faamalamalamaga
  • Flashcards faaeletoroni
  • mea moni Faaopoopo le faalogo mo tagata taaalo MP3
  • Tusitaiala Workbooks mo suesuega ma faiga
  • “Fai atu i le tagata tomai faapitoa” Galuega tau Leoleo mo le lagolago faaopoopo e ala i imeli


Lambers DVD Course iPod
tau: $299.95 mo le Vaega 1 po o le Vaega 2; $599.95 mo le Vaega 3
e aofia ai: Set of recorded classroom lectures in MP4 format taught by professor Garland Granger, MBA, CPA, CIA.

Lambers Video Courseware CIA
tau: $299.95 mo le Vaega 1 po o le Vaega 2; $599.95 mo le Vaega 3
e aofia ai: Set of recorded classroom lectures available online or in CD-based format taught by professor Garland Granger, MBA, CPA, CIA.

Lambers Test Prep Software
tau: $149.95 mo le Vaega 1 po o le Vaega 2; $299.95 mo le Vaega 3
e aofia ai: Online or CD-based test prep software containing more than 3,100 faiga fesili, tali ma faamalamalamaga, hyperlinks to the Wiley CIA Review textbook, and free updates.

Lambers Flash Cards
tau: $124.95 mo le Vaega 1 po o le Vaega 2 Flash Trainer; $249.95 mo le Vaega 3
e aofia ai: Electronic flashcards containing of 169 key terms, formulas and definitions, including monitoring and feedback of your performance. Flash cards may also be printed out.

Lambers Audio CIA
tau: $199.95 mo le Vaega 1 po o le Vaega 2; $299.95 mo le Vaega 3
e aofia ai: Supplemental audio courseware designed for any MP3 compatible player that includes downloadable CDs to sync with iPod or MP3 player, workbooks used by course professors during training, and recordings of professors working out hundreds of problems and questions.

Lambers “Fai atu i le tagata tomai faapitoa” Service for CIA
tau: $299.95
e aofia ai: Individual support via email from a Lambers subject matter expert to answer your specific questions and provide guidance.

To compare Lambers CIA Review to other prep courses, faamolemole kiliki le faamau o loo i lalo.

Faatusatusa le mea sili CIA vasega TOE FAAMANATU!

Lambers CIA Breakdown

Lambers CIA Review
1.Course DVD
2.tusi e galue ai Seti
3.Supplemental Audio Review
4.Tolu Modes Adaptive Tofotofoga
5.Money Back Guarantee



Surgent CIA Review

Surgent CIA Reviewfaatulagaga:

Surgent CIA Review course offers many appealing features that not only make it a viable study tool for students looking to pass the CIA exam, but also an educational resource that can’t be imitated.

In a similar fashion to other exam prep programs offered by the company, Surgent relies heavily on the power of adaptive learning technology to tailor-fit study plans for each enrolled student.

With an easy-to-use interface that is accessible on a variety of devices, Surgent’s CIA prep program is a modern tool for the modern student.

Surgent CIA Strengths

1. A.S.A.P. Technology

Short for “Adaptive Study and Accelerated Performance”, this is the backbone of Surgent’s educational toolkit. After taking a comprehensive 150-question assessment, students’ knowledge of CIA exam material is evaluated and organized by topic.

This allows the program to effectively craft customized practice tests for each student that help to familiarize them with aspects of the exam they may struggle with. With the aid of this technology, students are sure to be prepared for the real thing as soon as possible.

Surgent CIA Review Dashboard 2. Dashboard

Surgent’s CIA test prep dashboard was designed so that important information is displayed front and center. As part of their goal to save students as much time as possible, everything needed to immediately start studying can be easily located in one or two button presses from the home screen.

While this may seem like a minor feature, the truth is that an intuitive interface can help to motivate students who would have been too intimidated to start studying otherwise.

Best CIA Prep Courses Online

3. Analytics

Another helpful feature provided by Surgent’s robust online program is their Trending Score system. As students complete practice tests, powerful analytics are used to gauge their readiness for the CIA exam. The more a student uses Surgent’s study tools, the more accurate of a reading they will receive from their Trending Score.

According to Surgent’s website, students with a Trending Score of 75% had an 89% chance of passing the exam, while those with a score of 80% or higher had an impressive 100% chance.

Best CIA Prep Course - Dashboard

4. Flexible Pricing

While many of the features discussed above are appealing, perhaps the most appealing aspect of Surgent’s CIA study tools are its flexible pricing. Students who are looking to only study for one part of the CIA exam can purchase an individual course for a fraction of the full price.

These courses each offer almost 600 practice questions and offer the same powerful adaptive learning and analytic tools provided by the full package. For repeat exam takers, this is quite possibly the most affordable option for brushing up on one specific aspect of the test.

Surgent CIA Weaknesses

1. No Lectures

For some university students who have to listen to multiple lectures a day, this may actually be a positive aspect of the exam. Ae peitai, there are many students who learn best when the material is explained to them in this way. Unfortunately for them, Surgent includes no audio or video lectures in their CIA prep program. For those who aren’t satisfied with practice tests and downloadable textbooks, this will probably be a dealbreaker.

tagata e faaaogāina lelei

The kind of student that would get the most out of Surgent CIA Review is one that is self-motivated. Without any live teachers or lectures, only students with the discipline and drive to study on their own will benefit from this educational tool. They will also need a computer or smart device with a stable internet connection in order to take advantage of the A.S.A.P. technology and Trending Score feature.

Some features of this CIA prep program will appeal to specific students who fulfill this criteria. For instance, those with limited amounts of free time due to work or school will appreciate how little time it takes to take a practice test and examine their results. Repeat exam takers can appreciate this program as well because of its ability to pinpoint specific topics on the exam they may be having problems with, as well as its flexible pricing.

lo'u Fautuaga

While it may not have as many features as some other CIA test prep programs, Surgent’s review course is a laser-guided study tool that can help students prepare for the exam in record time. If you’re looking for a high-tech study tool that won’t waste your time, check out Surgent CIA Review.


Hock CIA Review

iloiloga hock faava o malo cia


Course Faatatauina: ★★★★★

ofoina Hock Faava o Malo CIA Review ni filifiliga ala mo tamaiti oe ua saunia mo le suʻega CIA. pupuni o latou tusi aoga le faavae i le gagana tuusao, le faia o lenei mea moni lelei mo i latou o loo manaomia se toe iloiloga auiliili mai le i eleele.

E mafai ona faatau mai na o le tusi aoga, o suesuega ia fesili, po o le vitio, po o le tuufaatasia i latou i se mea afifi, e faalagolago i ou manaʻoga. O lenei vasega e le o se filifiliga tala o le tupe moni lava ona e mafai ona e maua e sili atu le tele mea mo tupe e sili atu teisi pe afai e te filifili e alu i se tasi o tauva a HOCK nai lo.

tulaga e lelei

1. Faataitaiga Free o Suesuega Mea ma suega

ofoina HOCK CIA Review faataitaiga sii mai saoloto o le tusi aoga, flash kata, the ExamSuccess multiple-choice questions, and videos so you can check out the course before you purchase it. Explore the course without registering for or creating an account to see if it meets your needs and matches your learning style.

Students can also take the free CIA quizzes and have the opportunity to compete with other students studying for the CIA exam to try and get their name onto one of HOCK’s leaderboards. Note that the quizzes are free, but you do have to register for a free account to participate, and that this new feature is still being tested (beta version).

2. ExamSuccess Software/CIA Question Bank

HOCK’s ExamSuccess Study Software is included in the CIA Questions portion of the course. The software includes thousands of multiple choice questions and explanations for both correct and incorrect answers. Questions are timed during study sessions and can be organized by topic, so you can focus your study on one subject at a time. Detailed performance analysis displays your level of competency based on each section of material.

The question bank can be accessed online or downloaded for use without an internet connection. Note that the included Mock Exam contains new questions that are not used elsewhere in the study materials, so you can gauge your preparedness for the actual exam on a fresh set of questions.

3. International Course Options

ofoina Hock ni ola mataupu ma maua ai ana mea e suesue i isi vaega i le tele o nofoaga i le lalolagi. tamaiti o le vasega po o expats Faava o Malo suesue mo le suega CIA i fafo e mafai ona saini atu mo se ala ola HOCK i Belorussia, Lusia, Ukraine, ma Kazakhstan, ma le tele o isi nofoaga ei ai vasega iloiloga e faaaoga mea suesuega HOCK. O loo maua foi mea e faaaoga i Rusia ma le gagana Arapi. Faamolemole tagai i le upega tafailagi HOCK mo auiliiliga.

4. Flashcards faaeletonika fesootai

The interactive flashcards were developed to help you learn the information as efficiently as possible. New cards are introduced gradually and flashcards appear based on an analysis of your mastery of particular concepts and information. Old and new cards appear at regular intervals to help you learn the information quickly and effectively.

5. Free Updates and Course Does Not Expire

One advantage of HOCK’s review courses is that materials can be used as long as students need them to study for and pass the exams, and there is no additional charge for updates to study materials. HOCK’s courseware is compatible with Windows and Macintosh computers, and can be accessed from computers, tablets or smartphones.


1. Smaller Question Bank

HOCK’s question bank includes more than 2,800 questions, which is a respectable number, but not quite as many questions as its main competitors. Some questions also seem very similar to others or redundant, making the question bank seem even smaller. Students who are looking for more variety and a larger number of practice questions should consider adding questions from other sources to their review.

2. No Money Back Guarantee

If you do not perform well on the CIA exam or decide that the review course is not helping you study, you won’t be able to get a refund for the course. This policy is somewhat offset by the opportunity to preview free samples of HOCK’s study materials before you purchase the course, although you should be aware that this is not a free trial of the actual course, but merely a glimpse at what the materials are like.

HOCK does have a pass guarantee if you buy their Complete Package. If you don’t pass the CIA exam, they will pay your exam fee to re-take the exam if you meet their requirements (but still no refund). Please consult HOCK’s website for details and requirements.

tagata e faaaogāina lelei

HOCK’s study materials are somewhat cheaper than other CIA prep options, ma o latou avanoa faava o malo ma le lalolagi atoa saoloto vaa a talosaga i se vaega toatele o tamaiti aoga ola fafo. Aʻoga o latou gagana muamua o Rusia po o le gagana Arapi le a faamanuiaina mai le mea moni o loo maua i nei gagana.

Tamaiti o le vasega oe mananao i le fetuutuunai o le faatauina o na o se vaega se tasi o le vasega (questions, vitio, po o tusi aoga) ma ua faia e suesue i latou lava mo Peitai umi latou te manaomia le a talisapaia lata saoloto a HOCK ma e leai se mutaaga aso.

lo'u Fautuaga

Although Hock CIA review is an affordable option, there are better programs out there for only slightly more money. The quality of material does not really compare to other courses like Gleim poʻo Fast Forward Academy. Students who need an introductory review of the basics in clear language might benefit from starting with HOCK before moving onto a larger question bank with more practice materials, however I would highly suggest just avoiding this course altogether and purchasing a better one from their competitors.

Faatusatusa le mea sili CIA vasega TOE FAAMANATU!

Aotelega o le Vaega Course

  • tusiga (faila sii mai PDF po o se ata faigata)
  • Fuafuaga Suesuega patino
  • ExamSuccess polokalama (Multiple-Choice Practice Questions)
  • Flashcards
  • Mock Exam
  • Videos or Audio mp3 Files
  • Free world-wide shipping
  • Materials also available in Russian and Arabic


HOCK Complete
Price for all 3 parts: $649
1 part only: $249 each
e aofia ai: tusiga, ExamSuccess Multiple-Choice Practice Questions, Flashcards faaeletoroni, 1 Mock Exam, Videos, and free shipping worldwide.

HOCK Books and Questions
Price for all 3 parts: $399
1 part only: $149 each
e aofia ai: PDF files of books (additional charge for hard copies), Multiple-Choice Practice Questions, Flashcards, and Mock Exam.

HOCK Books Only
Price for all 3 parts: $249
1 part only: $99
e aofia ai: PDF files of books (additional charge for hard copies).

HOCK Videos
Price for all 3 parts: $199
1 part only: $99
e aofia ai: 13 hours of videos for Part 1 ma 11 hours for Part 2 that are similar to a live course; O loo maua foi nei e pei ona faila o leo mp3. Vitio mo le Vaega 3 e tatau ona tatala i pa'ū 2015. e mafai ona matamata vitio i luga o komepiuta, fualaau ma telefoni poto.

Fesili HOCK na
Price for all 3 parts: $249
1 part only: $99
e aofia ai: ExamSuccess fesili tele-filifiliga, Mock Exam, ma Flashcards faaeletonika. A o Iulai 2015, le aofai o fesili e aofia i totonu o le Vaega 1 o 699, vaega 2 e aofia ai 645 questions, ma mo le Vaega 3 e aofia ai 1,547 questions.

Faatusatusa le mea sili CIA vasega TOE FAAMANATU!